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How to Increase Speed in Kumite – Tomoko Araga Seminar


Tomoko Araga is a multiple World Champion in kumite, and is an active karate instructor today. Her younger brother, Ryutaro Araga, is a current World Champion. They come from a karate family, and their technique reveals how strongly they are rooted in karate fundamentals. Even at high speed drills, Tomoko Araga demonstrates that each punch […]

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WKF Karate vs Full-Contact: the Sport Karate Perspective


Sometimes, kumite specialists are told that we don’t stand a chance against our fellow karateka who practise full-contact Kyokushin karate. We believe that there is no basis to compare. Here are all the common reasons people think full-contact is ‘better’ than WKF kumite, and why we do not agree. Additionally, we see that these statements […]

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